The results of NT Cluster activity for 2014 and plans for 2015

In 2014:

  • over 120 innovative start-ups focused on nuclear and radiation technologies, advanced manufacturing and new materials are in Cluster’ portfolio now;
  • with the active support of the Cluster, the residents demonstrate high growth rate - the number of startups who shows revenue increased 2-fold. Total revenue grew up to 600 million rubles;
  • over 170 IP applications cumulatively filed and 70+ titles of protection for intellectual property issued, including PCT;
  • more than 700 high-tech jobs created;
  • funding of Cluster’ projects amounted to about 1 250 million rubles;
  • 40 grants approved totaling about 900 million rubles;
  • high level of private co-financing in the Cluster’ projects reached - about 800 million rubles cumulatively;
  • more than 70 investors supported Cluster’ projects;
  • the number of Cluster’ industrial partners grew up to 10 companies;
  • Cluster’ expert pool constitutes now more than 150 external experts ;
  • more than half of Cluster’ projects origin from Russian Academy of Science and leading universities; 
  • every 10th Cluster project comes from abroad;
  • intensive cooperation with Rusnano, VEB Innovations, Rosatom, Rostec, The Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russian Federation.

Plans for 2015:

The main priority of the Cluster remains the growing number of high-quality start-ups.

In the year 2015 NT Cluster plans to put emphasis on commercialization and acceleration of Cluster’ residents both on Russian and foreign markets. Cooperation with foreign technology parks and business incubators will be continued.

The main objective of the Cluster is creation and maintenance of an attractive and self-perpetuating innovation ecosystem aimed at increasing the efficiency of mutually beneficial cooperation of its basic elements: residents, industrial partners, sources of funding and scientific research centers.